Learn more about products or services from Cipta Esensi Merenah.


Are you still in doubt? Need more further brainstroming? We offers IT consultation for your everyday problems. Here is the list.

[Free 1st hour] Hourly Online Consultation

IDR 75,000.00 / hour

We can provide you hourly general consultation about information and technology implementation, consideration, or digital marketing purpose. Don't worry, we give you first one hour for free. Contact us for immediately for scheduled a meeting.

Web Related Technical Assistance

IDR 75,000.00–250,000.00

We can provided technical assistance for your web related problems such as, setup domain name, name server configuration, DNS management, hosting management, hacked website, security mitigation, and server side application.

Development Support Assistance

IDR 100,000.00 / hour

You have any problem while developing web based application? Maybe we can help you. We have expertise for troubleshooting for web application based on WordPress, CodeIgniter, Magento, and Seme Framework.

Pre-development Support Assistance

IDR 125,000.00–20,000,000.00

We can create non coding report for analyzing requirements and system design for pre development purposes. We also can create Quotation, Proposals, and then the project budgeting calculation for you project.

Software Development

We accept software development services, especially web-based applications. The specifications of our services are:

Company Profile Website

Price: IDR 2,000,000 - 5,000,000

Increase your business awareness by creating a company profile for your company. We can set up and provide a customized solution for your company profile. From analyzing, designing and coding, testing and deploying to the best choice of servers. Not only building a website, we can implement inpage Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Build content, also manage your supporting platforms like, Instagram, facebook and tiktok. Contact us immediately to request a Quotation.

Basic Online Store

Price: IDR 2,000,000 - 15,000,000

We can help you create a web-based online store (E-Commerce) for your business. In the basic plan you can get the minimum decent application to publish a product or catalog through a website. In the basic package we help you build a website from analysis, system design, code deployment, testing and Online Store deployment to live mode. The basic package features are a homepage, product list, product category list, product details, and an order button (call to action) that connects to your customer service phone or whatsapp.

Custom Web Based Application

Price: IDR 5,000,000 - 700,000,000

We can create custom web based applications based on your requirements. Starting from analyzing, designing systems, implementing code and databases, testing, and publishing applications. Price range according to the needs and features that represent the difficulty of the development process.

Custom API

Price: IDR 5,000,000 - 750,000,000

Do you need a custom API to support your project? Don't worry we will help you, by creating an API according to your needs. We have more than 7 years of experience building APIs in various cases.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing enhance your digital product, such as website, social media, digital ads, and mobile apps.

Basic SEO Implementation

Price: IDR 1,000,000.00–5,000,000.00

Did you has problem while creating targeting analytics? Or you have problem while creating funnel conversion for your analytic? Or you have feeling dizzy while setup basic SEO for your website. We can help you setup from basic to advanced implemetation for your SEO. Contact us now, for the further information.

Monthly Basic Content Development

Price: IDR 1,500,000.00 / Month

Although creating content is easy for you, but we can make easiest for you. This is time to establish cooperation about our expertise on content development. By periodically publish the content, you can get organic content which is can boost your search engine rank and then has more durability if compared to paid content. To achieved it, we can provided you text based content per day in a month including featured images. Also, you will get our report and suggestion for expanding the digital marketing.

Monthly Instagram Content Development

Price: IDR 900,000.00 / Month

We can helped you organise instagram account by posting a general content post per day in a month. We can create post based on your company profile theme or template also creating the suitable caption for a post. Before starts, we shall proposed you about next month content plan based on events for general content. But, for specialise content we can discuss later while project started.