Privacy and Policy

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Data / Information Privacy / Confidentiality

The first party will store, manage, data or information needed from both the second party and third party. The first party uses sensitive data such as COOKIE generated by users that will be shared into other services such as Facebook, Google, Google Analitycs, Google Tag Manager The first party has the right to give part or all of the information to shareholders, employees and others who have agreed and cooperated with the first party The first party is not responsible if there is a data leak either caused by technical or non-technical errors Candidates for the second party are considered conscious and without any coercion when registering to become a second party.

Use of Trademarks / Copyrights / Brands

The first party does not feel that he has the use of any trademarks, trademarks, copyrights, or brands that are managed by second parties, third parties or outside parties. If the first party is proven to have committed a violation or it is indicated that there was a violation committed by the first party, the second party or a third party. Can directly contact the administrator for further action.


If there is a dispute it will be done in a family way

Change of Rules

The first party has the right to change these rules without prior notice.